Code of Ethics

Preventing discrimination and assuring compliance with legal regulations

The Innovation Platform Foundation acts according to the highest standards of tolerance and respect. We reject all forms of discrimination, e.g. resulting from the racial or ethnic origin, nationality or religion. We promote respect and understanding between nations and countries involved in our activities.
The Innovation Platform Foundation respects legal regulations and best practices in the countries of operations. The relations between the management bodies of the Foundation, the employees, beneficiaries and all external partners are based on honesty, respect of personal dignity, understanding of different perspectives and mutual support.


The Innovation Platform Foundation prepares yearly financial statements and submits them to the Legal Register of Companies (KRS) and Ministry of Economy. All changes requiring adjustments to the KRS registration are performed on a timely basis.
All functions, organizational structures, internal regulations and criteria of cooperation with beneficiaries are documented and publicly available. The Foundation presents the operations overview regularly on web communication channels.


The Innovation Platform Foundation acts with due care with respect to the protection of confidential information and personal data provided by partners, beneficiaries, employees and other entities. The above-mentioned information will not be released to any third party without formal approval of Foundation’s management bodies granted based on arrangements with the owners of such information.

Equal access fo information and preventing conflicts of interests

The Innovation Platform Foundation informs a broad audience about its activities assuring all potential beneficiaries equal access to relevant updates. The Innovation Platform Foundation does not take formal part in any political activity. In parallel, we are actively involved in the public dialogue in order to promote our mission and statutory activities.

The management bodies of the Innovation Platform Foundation are continuously considering any situations potentially triggering conflicts of interests and commit themselves to the application of appropriate measure to prevent such situations.